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R.E. Butts started HPL to solve a problem. His company, Butts Foods, wasn’t getting the kind of service or reliability he needed when moving truckloads of proteins worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Having grown up in the food distribution industry, he knew the importance of keeping proteins at the correct temperature, the care it takes to move (and store) fresh and frozen food, and the importance of staying within the set time limits. He also saw a hole in the industry. There was a lack of communication and genuine relationships, so he decided to start High Point Logistics in 2019 in Jackson, TN to fill that hole and provide a better option.

We’ve since rebranded to HPL after outgrowing the name High Point Logistics thanks to the addition of cold storage and transport divisions in 2021. The goods we carry have expanded to all forms of proteins, produce, and dry goods. We’ve also added St. Louis and Nashville offices to complement our Jackson, TN office.

But, one thing hasn’t changed since R.E. opened the doors. We are driven by one core value no matter what our company name is or which office we call home—Relationships Matter.

The Pillars
of HPL
The Pillars of HPL

We deal primarily in time sensitive freight with no room for error. This is how we deliver for our partners and earn their trust.


Hire the best and train them properly.


Develop systems to ensure consistency.


Leverage proven technology to
provide transparency and reliability.